Thursday, February 02, 2006

God Wars

Phew! Good thing I didn't put "Christian Missionary" on my carte de sejour application ....

Imperial Stormstroopers in Marrakech have recently seized documents in the apartment of an "alleged" foreign missionary that may confirm the existence of a clandestine Christian organization whose nefarious mandate is to convert god-fearing Muslims into god-fearing Christians. Need I add that the said "alleged" missionary - upon hearing that 2 security agents were en route to "question him" - pulled a 'Keyser Soze' and vanished. Neighbours told the Imperial Stormtroopers that Moroccans regularly visited the household and apparently, not just for mint tea.

Although freedom of religion is espoused in Morocco, those who attempt to convert (officially referred to as seduction - pretty sexy, eh?) a Moroccan to any religion from Islam are subject to a fine &/or a prison sentence. I guess you can have your god as long as you don't talk about him (or her).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

need one add that one shouldn't believe everything one reads in the moroccan press?

11:00 a.m.  

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